Water Detox Drinks

Happy New Years from Natural Therapeutics

Did you enjoy your holidays but feeling sluggish and rundown from all the overeating and drinking? Try bouncing back and starting 2015 off right with some tasty and delicious detox water recipes from GleamItUp.com Drinking water has many benefits for you and your body by itself, but one thing is guaranteed: the detox effect on a daily basis can help you  flush out all the toxins lurking in your system. Especially after the gluttony of the holidays! Drinking 8 glasses of water every day is a really powerful weapon for you to protect your health in the best possible way and we are sure that you are including this rule in your everyday routine without an effort!

Blueberry * Mint*Lime Detox Water Blueberry-+-Mint-+-Lime-Detox-Water - Copy             







Grapefruit * Cucumber * Ginger Detox Water  Grapefruit-Cucumber-and-Ginger-Detox-Water







Pineapple * Sugar Cane Sticks Water  Pineapple-Sugar-Cane-Sticks-Water







Strawberry *Watermelon Fat Flush Detox Water  Strawberry-Watermelon-Fat-Flush-Detox-Water1.jpg

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