Rylan’s Be Outside Campaign

Be Outside Campaign – Earn a Free Massage in Colorado Springs

RylanMeet Rian’s son, Rylan. At 4 years old, Rylan is an active kid with a love of the outdoors. Whether out camping with the family or playing in the backyard, Rylan can often be found outside. As a lover of the outdoors and having his mother’s affinity for health and wellness, Rylan wants to encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy Colorado. So, we’ve created Rylan’s Be Outside Campaign.

Rylan has hidden certificates in various outdoors locations in Colorado Springs. These certificates entitle the holder to a free massage at Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness clinic. Throughout the month, we’ll be releasing the details of the locations of these certificates with pictures and maps. We’ll try to release a new one each week. The first to find it gets a free massage. You simply call in to schedule an appointment, and bring the certificate when you visit.

We’d love for you to participate and get your friends and family involved. Share pictures of you getting outdoors, finding the certificates, or even in your post-massage bliss state. We’ll be updating this post with the status of current locations as well as releases of new locations, so check back often. You can also Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Thanks so much for joining us in our campaign to be healthy.

We also would like to bring UpaDowna to your attention. They are at the forefront of promoting outdoor adventure in Colorado. And they have an awesome mascot.

Be Natural. Be Well. Be Outside.

11/4/2013: Our first location is in Garden of the Gods. Check out the pictures to identify the location and get yourself a free massage, while exercising in the outdoors!

Status: Found!

11/9/2013: Our second location is in Palmer Park. This one is a little more difficult. It requires going slightly off the trail and climbing into a shallow cave. Be careful as you reach for the certificate.

Status: Found!

11/18/2013: For our third location, we’re headed back to Garden of the Gods. The latest clue is not quite as detailed in our directions, but it’s located near a landmark in Garden of the Gods, so hopefully it won’t be too hard to find.

Status: Found!

11/25/2013: Last clue for our November campaign. This one is a bit more difficult to find because the last clues were found so quickly. Whether you want a massage, or the clue has already been found, we hope our #BeOutside campaign inspires you and your friends to get outside and enjoy beautiful Colorado Springs!

Status: Not Found!

PalmerPark-2_11. Austin Bluffs Entrance – You’ll have to be driving East on Austin Bluffs parkway from Union to best get into the Austin Bluffs Entrance. When you pull off, you’ll see Palmer Park on your right along with some parking spaces. At the entrance, you’ll see the large sign for the Greencrest trail.

PalmerPark-2_22. Large Rock – Head up the trail and you’ll see a large rock in the middle. Beyond that, you’ll find a large open space with several routes. Head over to your left.

PalmerPark-2_33. Palmer Point Trail – As you head to the left, you’ll see a sign post for the Palmer Point Trail as well as the Greencrest trail. This is where we’re going. Head on up the trail.

PalmerPark-2_44. Large rock formation – As you head up the trail, you’ll actually have to deviate off the trail towards the right. With the snow, it may be slippery, so be careful. Continue upwards and you’ll see some large rock outcroppings at the summit of the first incline. The certificate is hidden in a gap between the large outcroppings. You may have to dig through some snow to find it; it is in a zip lock bag, however, so it should be weather safe. Once you’ve found it, give us a call to schedule your free massage.

Thanks so much for playing. We’d love any pictures of you getting outside. Look for additional certificates in the future.

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