deep breathingMany books and teachers talk about it.  In fact, the very first thing any of us did after we were born was just this. It is rather simple; this one action that operates unconsciously, and yet is within our control.  It is breathing, and is the key to life.  Though it is so crucial, it is also so easily forgotten, and the reminder to take notice of the air going in and out of the lungs seams worthy of an entry on the blog.

Usually our attention is focused on our head, or perhaps more specifically, the area around our head.  Each of us is a figurative radio tower, and our thoughts are the many stations that we tune into almost constantly.  Take a moment now and instead tune the receiver to notice something below the “Thought Broadcast Center” in the center of your chest and down into your naval.  That slow rise and fall that indicates life, rhythm, flow is going on without your help.  And you are free to take over if you want, however; perhaps the more intriguing thing to try is to simply watch.

As you watch a few in and outs of air from your lungs, you may notice other parts of your surrounding body structure.   Maybe you tune into the weight of your body, or the sense of aliveness in your hands.  The breath is our key to the here and now, as placing our attention on our breathing centers us within our bodies, grounds us, and let’s us stay in touch with our body, the all-important organism that sustains us.

The next time you get a massage, the next time you drive your car, sometime within the next five minutes, please, take a conscious breath.  Let it fill you up. Relish the life flowing into you, and rejoice, here you are, connected to everything in such a subtle, beautiful way!

By: Matthew Thompson

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