Cambio Yoga

Today the owners (Rian & Zebrina) of Natural Therapeutics finally committed to taking a yoga class for our own health and wellness needs. It was the first class in a while, so naturally we were a little apprehensive. We chose to go to Cambio Yoga, a donation based local yoga studio right down the road. We have been here before and really like the concept, space, classes, and teachers. We picked the Vinayasa Flow at 9 am. I arrived at 8:55 and Zebrina shortly after. Austin greeted me upon arrival and was super friendly and helpful! I didn’t have a mat so I borrowed one for $1 donation. When I opened the classroom door, I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of people and and the heat! I was not expecting it to be so crowded on a Wednesday morning at 9 am! I worked my way through the crowd of people sitting neatly on their mats to the opposite side of the room. A nice lady helped to make room for me so I could squeeze my mat on in. I took a deep breath and centered myself to get my mind ready for something that I was not expecting! Austin the instructor instantly made me feel at ease. He asked us to set our intention to open up our Heart Chakra and to be mindful of practicing Grace. This class was incredible! It was the right amount of heat, sweat, flow, breathing, stretching, twisting, holding, and letting go! If you are interesting in trying yoga or getting back into it, I highly recommend checking out Cambio Yoga, We will definitely be back for more! #BeNaturalBeWell

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