Colon Hydrotherapy


The New Year brought new services and Natural Therapeutics is proud to be offering Colon Hydrotherapy.

My name is Zebrina Piper and I am really excited to share the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with all who will allow me! I chose the Libbe OPEN Colon Hydrotherapy System because, in my humble opinion, think it is the best machine on the market! This machine allows you to do your session in complete privacy (if you prefer), is very easy to operate, and unlike the closed system, you are able to push during your session and therefore most clients find this to be much more comfortable! I personally would go so far as saying it is relaxing…but I may be just a bit too comfortable with evacuating my bowels:)

So what exactly is colon hydrotherapy and why should you be excited about it??

Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colonics, colon irrigation, or high enemas. Colonics clear the large intestine of waste material while hydrating and toning it. Waste material can include impacted feces, cellular debris, mucus, and parasites. When there is a build up of material the colon can become impaired and its ability to assimilate vitamins and minerals decreases as well as inhibiting muscular action. This causes constipation, decreased transit time and sluggish bowel movements. When waste material remains in the colon it can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and re-circulated through the body. This can pose several problems including chronic fatigue, brain fog, skin rashes, depression, anxiety, irritability stiff/painful joints, and more.

Our bodies do a pretty great job of handling all the “junk” that we put it in but it is not realistic to think that we rid ourselves of all of that “junk” through regular bowel movements. Our bodies have not adapted to eating refined sugar and all the processed foods that are so readily available. Too much of this “junk” food and the colon begins to lose its ability to remove it. SO…luckily for me and you we can enjoy the benefits of colonics in a very clean, comfortable, and private environment!

This leads us to most clients’ first question: How often should I get a colonic?

The short answer is: One session will help, but it is not enough!


If you are eating constipating foods, such as cheese, fried foods, sweet and sugar products, white flour, salt, salted snacks, beef, canned foods, pasteurized milk, wine with meals, carbonated drinks and/or coffee(very drying to the large intestine), your colon cannot possibly be healthy, EVEN if you are having a bowel movement every day. When the colon is starved of nourishment and filled with irritating foods it will create a mucous lining that can become as thick and as hard as plastic! Colon hydrotherapy will help remove this mucous and eliminate toxic build up! This can take several sessions. Once this layer is removed you can lessen your colon hydrotherapy sessions and go into a maintenance program! We encourage 12 sessions, 2 the first week, 2 the second week, and one every week for 8 weeks! We have a package for $600 ($50 per session) which will get you to a happier, healthier colon!

Please call Zebrina at 719-201-8446 if you have any questions or want to set up a consultation and 45 minute colon hydrotherapy session!

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