Energy Work in Colorado Springs, CO

Massage can be so much more than healing sore muscles. With the physical effects of a massage being so prominent, most people don’t think about the emotional ones. What makes a great massage is a complete body, mind, and soul experience and realizing what is happening in all three aspects. Incorporating energy work into a regular massage session can achieve these goals and make a massage experience that much more rewarding. The body is only as healthy as the mind will allow it to be.

Qi“I carry my stress in my upper back/shoulders and neck.” This is probably the most common complaint from a client coming in for a treatment. People feel knots and tension in these areas so therapists spend a majority of their time working that part of the body. It is undeniable that injuries, car accidents, repetitive movements, and stress in life causes pain and tension. But these factors also lead to blockages in energy, energy that contributes to the way your body perceives pain. There are meridans running all through the human body that carry energy, Qi. All of the above factors lead to road blocks in these pathways that can disrupt or ultimately stop energy flow. Massage therapists use knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  and intuition to work these energetic pathways and keep energy flowing the way it’s supposed to. Pain can truly inhibit a persons way of life, causing them to be more tired, lethargic and basically not want to do the things they love. Think of finally being about to take a breath and realize you do have the energy to be who you want.

Energy work can be done on its own or incorporated into regular massage sessions. For those who don’t particularly enjoy the intensity of trigger point therapy or those who would rather have a non-invasive experience, this modality could be the perfect option. I believe in using some form during all my treatments. No matter how subtle these incorporations are, it can truly create a unique therapist-client relationship, thus resulting in more promising results.

If you would like to try energy work with Amy Kelly. Please contact her at 808-364-7971

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