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Sports Massage

Is your body prepared for spring? It’s natural to engage in more physical activity as the beautiful Colorado sun shines and weather improves, but if your body isn’t prepared, muscle tightness and soreness can occur.  Just another reason why consistent Massage Therapy is so important. Massage Therapy relieves pain, soothes muscles, relaxes tight muscles and increases flexibility.  Massage also increases blood flow to the affected muscles, intern bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients, and reduces inflammation and stiffness to help eliminate pain.

To prevent and recover form injuries and relieve stress, Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness recommends a 90 minute deep tissue massage therapy session for complete therapeutic relief. A 90 minute session is the perfect amount of time to induce the relaxation response the body needs for optimum healing during therapeutic deep tissue work.  Ample time provides the relief your body needs to address pain, tenderness, and tightness. This type of massage is ideal for neglected areas associated with tight muscles or persistent pain.

Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness offers Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Neuro-Muscular Therapy as a part of a balanced and active Lifestyle.  Take advantage of our membership to get the consistent affordable care you need.  Remember, Massage Therapy is a necessity and not a luxury and should be a regular part of your health and wellness routine.

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