Find your Purpose

Do you have the winter blues in your workplace and career? We recently came across this great article about finding yourself and following your gifts!

1. Your Passion
When you tap into your passion, you are running on high energy, you’re fueled by your soul’s light in your body. Your passion is ignited by what you love AND what you hate, because together they create the necessary friction in you to take action.

2. Your Purpose
When you have a clear destination for your life’s journey, long into the future, you not only stay on track, you also focus your energy and magnetism on the people, money, opportunities that will help you get there.

3. Your Potential
When you begin to master the unique gifts that you were born with, it becomes very clear what your ‘zone of genius’ is. You start to stand out in the crowd and become known for helping other people overcome specific challenges.

4. Your Sacred Gift
When you really start to understand that you are a soul living in a physical body, you will know that you embody divine qualities like compassion, wisdom, courage, power, truth etc. These are sacred gifts that you have come here to master and heal in yourself and others. They magnetically attract others who need healing in those areas.

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