Colonics are like going to the gym for your colon. The more you workout the better you will feel and the stronger your muscles will be! Your colon is 4 layers of tissue including a muscular layer. If you are constipated and lacking strong peristalsis, regular colonics can help regenerate this muscular layer and help get things moving more effortlessly and frequently! A colonic membership can help you do that and save you money at the same time! Plus you get  member rate for massage! This membership can only do your body good!

Benefits Include:

  • Monthly Colonic at a Discounted Rate
  • 10% Off All Products
  • No Sign-Up Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Membership Pricing for our Massage Membership Program

Month to Month Auto Pay

Colon Hydrotherapy
$60 – 45 Min

If you would like to purchase a monthly colon hydrotherapy membership & incorporate colonics into your lifestyle please click here or contact our office at (719) 201-9153.

This is a one time a month auto draft from you credit or debit card on the day of the month of your choice. We require a 30 day notice to turn off the auto draft. No refunds will be given on Auto drafts. Auto drafts cannot be shared.