Optimum Energetics Detox Foot Bath

The Optimum Energetics Detox Foot Bath System creates an energy field within the body & an osmosis environment to move cellular waste out of the body. The Optimum creates an energy field stimulating cellular energy and increasing cellular cleansing at an increased rate, restoring the body to its balanced energy levels. The cells of a healthy human have a charge between 70-90 milli-volts. Within this range cells perform properly & efficiently. Stressed or injured cells can measure as little as 10-20 milli-volts, resulting in both poor nutritional absorption and toxic waste discharge due to buildup of positive ions from poor diets, stress and toxic environment. The Optimum generates ions 35 times higher than an average foot bath machine. For example, at 1.6 amps the Optimum is around 14 to 15 volts. The Optimum can be run as 5.50 amps. The ions being generated run through the body negating the free radicals in the body by attracting negative & positive ions. These highly charged ions energize & stimulate the cells to release cellular waste & strengthen the cells over time. The energy field being generated increases the body’s cellular energy and eventually the cells begin to function at their normal levels!

Standard Rate Member Rate
$35 – 30 Min $30 – 30 Min