Canine Massage

How I Began Doing Canine & Equine Massage

By Christy L Ferguson

            My life became surrounded by all kinds of animals when I lived on a small farm in Jewell, Iowa. We had two dogs named 20140409_202811Cookie and Carrie, a Doberman Pinscher and a Norwegian Elk Hound. These dogs were my first canine companions. Then, when I was three I started riding horses. My first pony was named Sprite. I was very young when my love for animals began!

          Fresh out of massage school in Minneapolis, MN in 2004, my dog Jazz started to show signs of discomfort in her body. She was a 5 year old German Rottweiler/ German Sheppard who weighed 110 pounds. She was a very active dog that walked many miles, loved swimming in lakes and rivers, and playing fetch. At first I noticed that she started to have -difficulty lying down & getting up. She would be in pain after exercising with occasional lameness in her hind end. That was when I brought her in to a veterinarian who diagnosed her with arthritis in her hips. Trying to avoid beginning expensive medications, which had deadly side effects when used long term, I sought out alternative treatments options to help reduce her pain & inflammation. She started weekly acupuncture sessions with a Holistic Veterinarian. I watched as the needles that were put into her muscles would twitch in spasms and actually bend the needles. It was obvious to me that her muscles were hypertonic (very tight, unable to relax). I began to wonder if I could help Jazz relieve her tension using my newly acquired massage skills.

            I bought a book called Canine Massage: A complete Reference Manual by; Jean-Pierre Hourdebaight, L.M.T. I found this book to be very informative and realized that I could use this knowledge, combined with my therapeutic massage skills, to begin regular massage sessions for my best friend Jazz. The positive results from these sessions were immediately obvious to me. She was able to stand & lay down with ease as well as less pain. She also began to rest more easily after exercise and did not seem so uncomfortable Jazz was my first canine client who was able to reap the many benefits of regular therapeutic massage. I continued to do massage with her during her last 4 years of life!

            Please feel free to contact Christy for more information on Canine Massage at (719) 209-0527


Sign Up for her Canine Massage & Essential Oils workshop on Sunday, May 18th from 1-3p in the Flintridge Courtyard!


Colon Hydrotherapy


The New Year brought new services and Natural Therapeutics is proud to be offering Colon Hydrotherapy.

My name is Zebrina Piper and I am really excited to share the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with all who will allow me! I chose the Libbe OPEN Colon Hydrotherapy System because, in my humble opinion, think it is the best machine on the market! This machine allows you to do your session in complete privacy (if you prefer), is very easy to operate, and unlike the closed system, you are able to push during your session and therefore most clients find this to be much more comfortable! I personally would go so far as saying it is relaxing…but I may be just a bit too comfortable with evacuating my bowels:)

So what exactly is colon hydrotherapy and why should you be excited about it??

Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colonics, colon irrigation, or high enemas. Colonics clear the large intestine of waste material while hydrating and toning it. Waste material can include impacted feces, cellular debris, mucus, and parasites. When there is a build up of material the colon can become impaired and its ability to assimilate vitamins and minerals decreases as well as inhibiting muscular action. This causes constipation, decreased transit time and sluggish bowel movements. When waste material remains in the colon it can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and re-circulated through the body. This can pose several problems including chronic fatigue, brain fog, skin rashes, depression, anxiety, irritability stiff/painful joints, and more.

Our bodies do a pretty great job of handling all the “junk” that we put it in but it is not realistic to think that we rid ourselves of all of that “junk” through regular bowel movements. Our bodies have not adapted to eating refined sugar and all the processed foods that are so readily available. Too much of this “junk” food and the colon begins to lose its ability to remove it. SO…luckily for me and you we can enjoy the benefits of colonics in a very clean, comfortable, and private environment!

This leads us to most clients’ first question: How often should I get a colonic?

The short answer is: One session will help, but it is not enough!


If you are eating constipating foods, such as cheese, fried foods, sweet and sugar products, white flour, salt, salted snacks, beef, canned foods, pasteurized milk, wine with meals, carbonated drinks and/or coffee(very drying to the large intestine), your colon cannot possibly be healthy, EVEN if you are having a bowel movement every day. When the colon is starved of nourishment and filled with irritating foods it will create a mucous lining that can become as thick and as hard as plastic! Colon hydrotherapy will help remove this mucous and eliminate toxic build up! This can take several sessions. Once this layer is removed you can lessen your colon hydrotherapy sessions and go into a maintenance program! We encourage 12 sessions, 2 the first week, 2 the second week, and one every week for 8 weeks! We have a package for $600 ($50 per session) which will get you to a happier, healthier colon!

Please call Zebrina at 719-201-8446 if you have any questions or want to set up a consultation and 45 minute colon hydrotherapy session!

Rylan’s Be Outside Campaign

Be Outside Campaign – Earn a Free Massage in Colorado Springs

RylanMeet Rian’s son, Rylan. At 4 years old, Rylan is an active kid with a love of the outdoors. Whether out camping with the family or playing in the backyard, Rylan can often be found outside. As a lover of the outdoors and having his mother’s affinity for health and wellness, Rylan wants to encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy Colorado. So, we’ve created Rylan’s Be Outside Campaign.

Rylan has hidden certificates in various outdoors locations in Colorado Springs. These certificates entitle the holder to a free massage at Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness clinic. Throughout the month, we’ll be releasing the details of the locations of these certificates with pictures and maps. We’ll try to release a new one each week. The first to find it gets a free massage. You simply call in to schedule an appointment, and bring the certificate when you visit.

We’d love for you to participate and get your friends and family involved. Share pictures of you getting outdoors, finding the certificates, or even in your post-massage bliss state. We’ll be updating this post with the status of current locations as well as releases of new locations, so check back often. You can also Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Thanks so much for joining us in our campaign to be healthy.

We also would like to bring UpaDowna to your attention. They are at the forefront of promoting outdoor adventure in Colorado. And they have an awesome mascot.

Be Natural. Be Well. Be Outside.

11/4/2013: Our first location is in Garden of the Gods. Check out the pictures to identify the location and get yourself a free massage, while exercising in the outdoors!

Status: Found!

11/9/2013: Our second location is in Palmer Park. This one is a little more difficult. It requires going slightly off the trail and climbing into a shallow cave. Be careful as you reach for the certificate.

Status: Found!

11/18/2013: For our third location, we’re headed back to Garden of the Gods. The latest clue is not quite as detailed in our directions, but it’s located near a landmark in Garden of the Gods, so hopefully it won’t be too hard to find.

Status: Found!

11/25/2013: Last clue for our November campaign. This one is a bit more difficult to find because the last clues were found so quickly. Whether you want a massage, or the clue has already been found, we hope our #BeOutside campaign inspires you and your friends to get outside and enjoy beautiful Colorado Springs!

Status: Not Found!

PalmerPark-2_11. Austin Bluffs Entrance – You’ll have to be driving East on Austin Bluffs parkway from Union to best get into the Austin Bluffs Entrance. When you pull off, you’ll see Palmer Park on your right along with some parking spaces. At the entrance, you’ll see the large sign for the Greencrest trail.

PalmerPark-2_22. Large Rock – Head up the trail and you’ll see a large rock in the middle. Beyond that, you’ll find a large open space with several routes. Head over to your left.

PalmerPark-2_33. Palmer Point Trail – As you head to the left, you’ll see a sign post for the Palmer Point Trail as well as the Greencrest trail. This is where we’re going. Head on up the trail.

PalmerPark-2_44. Large rock formation – As you head up the trail, you’ll actually have to deviate off the trail towards the right. With the snow, it may be slippery, so be careful. Continue upwards and you’ll see some large rock outcroppings at the summit of the first incline. The certificate is hidden in a gap between the large outcroppings. You may have to dig through some snow to find it; it is in a zip lock bag, however, so it should be weather safe. Once you’ve found it, give us a call to schedule your free massage.

Thanks so much for playing. We’d love any pictures of you getting outside. Look for additional certificates in the future.

Join us for Our 1st Annual Open House

Update: We’re excited to announce that we’ve booked two separate bands to perform at our open house.

Moonhoney – A Latin ensemble offering an eclectic mixture of performance art. Stylistically drawing from Flamenco, Eastern European Gypsy, Classical, Jazz, Latin American, and Rock ‘n’ Roll music. Against a backdrop of provocative imagery they sing, dance, and recite original compositions that are stirring and sensual, primal but sophisticated, complex yet accessible. Each of the members are singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalists- and, above all, consummate entertainers.

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Roma Ransom – Grace Easley and Gordon Lewis have been playing music together now for almost two years. They met in Springfield, Missouri while Grace Easley and her friend were busking and Gordon showed up in a pedicab with a banjo. After this the two got to know each other, soon started dating, went on a roadtrip to California and not long after began their first gig together at Gem of India. When they realized what potential they had they decided to leave Missouri in search of opportunities, busking along the way. Soon enough they would arrive in Colorado Springs and began establishing themselves. Roma Ransom has played in various settings including weddings, funerals, graduation parties, coffee shops, talent shows, etc.



Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness LogoWe’re excited to have our first Open House this weekend, and you, your friends and family are invited! We’ve been happy to be a part of the neighborhood in our great Colorado Springs community, and we’re celebrating our success in hopes of giving a little something back. Already a client? Come by and help us celebrate with some special giveaways, as well as demonstrations. Never been to Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness? Now is your chance to visit and learn about our mission of promoting health and wellness.

When: Saturday Oct. 12, 2013 – 3pm to 7pm
Where: Flintridge Plaza Courtyard
4751 North Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

We invite you to join us to celebrate with music, food, drinks – including beer and wine, clinic tours, live demonstrations, free chair massages, product samples and door prizes. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to RSVP through Facebook and tell your friends. We hope to see you there!

Energy Work in Colorado Springs, CO

Massage can be so much more than healing sore muscles. With the physical effects of a massage being so prominent, most people don’t think about the emotional ones. What makes a great massage is a complete body, mind, and soul experience and realizing what is happening in all three aspects. Incorporating energy work into a regular massage session can achieve these goals and make a massage experience that much more rewarding. The body is only as healthy as the mind will allow it to be.

Qi“I carry my stress in my upper back/shoulders and neck.” This is probably the most common complaint from a client coming in for a treatment. People feel knots and tension in these areas so therapists spend a majority of their time working that part of the body. It is undeniable that injuries, car accidents, repetitive movements, and stress in life causes pain and tension. But these factors also lead to blockages in energy, energy that contributes to the way your body perceives pain. There are meridans running all through the human body that carry energy, Qi. All of the above factors lead to road blocks in these pathways that can disrupt or ultimately stop energy flow. Massage therapists use knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  and intuition to work these energetic pathways and keep energy flowing the way it’s supposed to. Pain can truly inhibit a persons way of life, causing them to be more tired, lethargic and basically not want to do the things they love. Think of finally being about to take a breath and realize you do have the energy to be who you want.

Energy work can be done on its own or incorporated into regular massage sessions. For those who don’t particularly enjoy the intensity of trigger point therapy or those who would rather have a non-invasive experience, this modality could be the perfect option. I believe in using some form during all my treatments. No matter how subtle these incorporations are, it can truly create a unique therapist-client relationship, thus resulting in more promising results.

If you would like to try energy work with Amy Kelly. Please contact her at 808-364-7971