Welcome to Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness!

Who We Are 

Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness is a locally owned and operated massage and wellness clinic in the heart of Colorado Springs, CO! We encourage our massage therapists to foster relationships with their clients and strive for a warm and inviting experience. We value our client’s opinions and appreciate any and all feedback. We hope that you feel at home when you walk through our door!

What We Do

We believe that massage should be incorporated into your life at least once a month and offer affordable memberships to do just that! Our massage therapists believe in listening to your body and designing a treatment plan based on your individual needs. We encourage the use of therapeutic forms of massage and bodywork in hopes of relieving you from stressed, over worked and inflamed muscles! We believe massage therapy is a necessity and not a luxury and a great way to increase your health and wellness.

We also offer detoxifying treatments in our clinic to promote wellness. We encourage detoxifying the tissues and cells of the body in hopes of living a healthier and more energetic lifestyle! We also focus our clinic on the use of essential oils and CBD topicals. We promote the use of these products in our massages and also offer information on how to incorporate them into your daily routine! Essential oils and CBD topicals have very powerful and beneficial properties and can be used to maintain good health!

Why We Are Different

Natural Therapeutics Massage  & Wellness is locally owned and operated by a certified colon hydrotherapist who has a background in massage, she understands client needs AND therapist needs.  We cater to many massage enthusiasts who understand the difference between an excellent massage and an average massage.  Natural Therapeutics prides itself on offering 60-120 minute hands on quality massage therapy.  We  welcome all newcomers to massage and believe your first experience with us will keep you coming back to our clinic. When you think massage therapy Colorado Springs, think Natural Therapeutics!

Natural Therapeutics, your wellness partner in Colorado Springs!

“Take care of your health.

Many lose their health to make money and

lose their money to restore health!”

-Dalai Lama